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Group Info

Welcome to #InuyashaFanWorld!

♡ A group dedicated to the anime Inuyasha ♡

♥ to join just click 'join this group' and you will be automatically accepted

♥Artworks must be of Inuyasha or the charters from the anime
♥ Only members can submit to the group!
♥ Submit to the correct folder please.
♥ No bashing on others, Please use constructive criticism
♥ No stealing art , I am in alot of groups enough said
♥ Please no child porn (ex. YOUNG shippo and rin)
♥ Respect my Admins (They help run this group and know my rules)
♥ Please No Drama<3
♥ Make sure you put the deviation in the right category.
♥ Please do not spam the community. We have unlimited submitting so don't abuse that
♥ Only put your work in the featured folder if there is no folder for it
♥ At least one canon character must be shown/written about to upload to this site. No stand alone original characters.
♥ Remain polite to admins and members
♥Anyone breaking the rules will have a mark put against them.✖✖✖ (three strikes) and your out
♥ All Fav's submitted to our group are subject to vote by group staff.
♥ Have Fun!

✿~*~Submitting Art~*~✿

To submit art press the contribute art button at the top of the page. When you click submit art there should be a drop down menu at the top of the page, click on that and scroll down to folder you wish to submit to.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jul 14, 2012


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Fan Club

546 Members
474 Watchers
9,694 Pageviews
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Inuyasha X Kikyo
Koga X Kagome
Sesshomaru X Kagome
Sesshomaru X Rin
Rin X Kohaku
Rin X Shippo
Sesshomaru X Kikyo
OC's and Couples
Inuyasha's Family
Kagome's Family
Sango's Family
Miroku's Family
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Hello Everyone,
Welcome to #InuyashaFanWorld , Here are a few of our groups that we work with and support. We hope that you will help support not only us but them as well. Enjoy the Inu Power!

Becoming a Admin (OPEN)

Welcome to #InuyashaFanWorld!

✿~*~ Admin Rules ~*~✿
♥ Must have been a member for a week
♥ Must Know my rules
♥ Must have been on Devianart for at least 1 month
♥ Must be respectful and be able to control your mouth
♥ No playing Favorited

Note: These rules only apply to admins

✿~*~ Becoming An Admin ~*~✿
♥ Send me a note (Telling why you wana be an admin)
♥ After you send me a note submit to admins
♥ I am the only one who can choose so there will be no admins

✿~*~♥If Someone Is In Violation Of The Rules ♥~*~✿
♥ Send me a note
♥ Warn them to take it down
♥ If the stole the art work
- Please tell the artiest
- Allow them 5 days to remove it (245 Hrs.)
- Report them
- If they still don't take it down then tell me and i will remove them.

-Thank You♥


Hello everyone Sorry for the long absence I am preparing to move in with my fiancée soon and prepare for our first child. We find out if we are having a boy or girl September 20th. So if your interested keep up to date with us and follow me. Anyway on to more important matters. Yesterday I received this email and they also Texted me and im glad they did. this is what I got:

Hello, I am messaging you because recently I noticed this piece of “art” being posted into your group . As my luck would have it this particular piece belongs to me but this person redrew and posted it as their own without my permission and only credited me after I reported them.

My original artwork…

So please I respectfully ask that you remove this from your gallery. Please and thank you.

Also if you wish to add my original piece of artwork to your galley I would be more than happy to oblige :aww:

I want to remind you all that I don't tolerate this at all the following user will be removed. Thank you or our time
I'm sorry I have not been that active but I'll try to be more. Now I have noticed we have a total of 91 members lets all pull our efforts together and get to 100 by Christmas. If you know any Inuyasha lovers be sure to tell them about this group.

Much appreciated

Its finally here Inuyasha is finally here. While we were able to see the Final Act season subbed for the last year it's great to see that Viz Media was able to get most of the original dubbed cast back to do this final season Of these beloved characters, sadly though understandable is the lack of two of the original dubbing cast who won't apparently be coming back Moneca Stori the dubbed voice of Kagome and David Kaye the dubbed voice of Sesshomaru though from the audio clips I've heard from the voice actor and actress replacing them it wont be as horrific as I first thought. This season will follow almost precisely the story we see in the manga script so there shouldn't be many upset fans of the series. While it's annoying that we can only get this set in two parts it doesn't irk me as much as I would expect especially since I've already waited so long for this already to begin with. This is a must for fans especially those of use who already have the first seven season sets but regardless a great finale to a great series has finally reached the shores of the American fans...

Box set 1:…

Box set 2:…
Hello Members,
I have not been as active with this group as I should be I am very very very very very sorry I feel like shit right now. Many of you have brought ALOT to my attention, The biggest problem is submitting to a group Example: Inuyasha X Kagome, and then your submitting goes into the featured folder I have since then fixed that. I am sorry about any inconvence that it has brought to you. Also I thought id let you all know I am giving away an IPAD2. Also many people have been having problems with having a folder if I do not have a group for your submittions send me a message or comment on this journal and give me a new group title, I crated this group to help artists get there art out!

Thank you everyone who has contributed to this group.
I thought I'd do a contest? But, I need some ideas. What kind of contest should I have? What should the winners get?

Inuyasha Cover Photo for Facebook by Howie62
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